Veen & Robby

The foundation of one's relationship is built upon the experiences and sometimes obstacles shared by a couple. As the old saying goes, "What doesn't break you makes you stronger." For Veen and Robby, their journey has only solidified and validated their unyielding love for each other. The strength and passion of their love is incredibly powerful and one that we admire with so much respect. It is by this unwavering love that they have and will always choose each other over all else. 

Veen and Robby's big day started with an abundance of energy and excitement. Within the beautiful and brightly lit loft in downtown Vancouver, Veen and the girls excitedly finished up their makeup with endless rounds of laughter and giggles. Meanwhile, Robby and the boys got ready nearby with celebratory drinks galore. Shortly after, Robby waited patiently in the beautiful garden atop Robson Square to see his stunning bride for the first time. Needless to say, he was absolutely speechless when he finally saw her. 

The day carried us into the early evening ceremony at the Brock House where our excited and anxious groom smiled from ear to ear as he watched the love of his life grace the aisle. Alex and I both agree that Veen, hands down, had the best bridal walk we had ever seen! The sheer elegance that she projected commanded the attention of all who witnessed it and you simply could not take your eyes off her. As her MOH said, "Veen is a force to be reckoned with." The evening continued with guests enjoying delicious macarons (Veen's favourite) and family and friends gathering and enjoying each other's company through Kurdish and Arabic dancing. 

Just as their officiant, the Honorable Judge Deanne Gaffar had said, family is not just the one that you were born into, but includes those that you choose in your walk of life. Friends that you hold dear and near are often considered extended family. Family is simply defined as the connection you make with those that you love. 


Amanda & Chris

People often say you'll find that someone special when you least expect it. In Chris and Amanda's case, they have the bride's sister to thank. Amanda was celebrating her sister's birthday at a local bar when her sister decided to find her a dance partner from the crowd. Obviously, the stars were lined up because Chris was pulled from the crowd and he was immediately hooked once he saw Amanda. Who would have guessed that a fun evening out would become that special chance encounter that would unite two lovebirds? I just love stories like these because you can't deny that fate doesn't play a part in love. 

It was a gorgeous Saturday morning with blue skies. Amanda happily rushed out to greet us in her unmistakable "bride" tank top. Then we followed her to the sounds of laughter in her backyard where her bridesmaids were on the patio getting dolled up and enjoying breakfast. Meanwhile, Amanda's adorable father was busily hammering down signs for the wedding on the front lawn. Just a few blocks away, things were shaping up at Chris and Amanda's condo where the boys were getting ready. 

Later that afternoon, guests gathered at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Vancouver. The handsome groom was all smiles at the end of the altar, but you could still detect that ounce of cute nervousness because he knew that his beautiful bride would emerge through those grand doors at any moment. On the other side of those doors, Amanda held onto the arms of both her parents as she quietly fought back those happy tears. Amanda was a stunning bride in a lace adorned mermaid silhouette gown. With her cathedral veil blowing in the wind as she entered the church, it was just like a wedding scene out of a movie. 

The celebration continued at the elegant and rustic venue of La Perla Ballroom in New Westminster. Since Chris surprised Amanda with a proposal, it was only fitting that Amanda reciprocated and returned the favour! At the end of her speech, Amanda surprised Chris with a suspension kit for his car! It was something that Chris had been planning to get for a long time, but other priorities kept delaying the purchase. Imagine Chris' reaction to receive that awesome wedding present!

Some of my all time favourite speeches come from the parents of the couples. It is just so tremendously special to see parents glowing with joy as their happiness represents just how proud they are of their children. This wedding was no exception with Chris' mother's beautiful speech and Amanda's father's heartfelt and emotional recollection of when he first set eyes on his baby girl. When Amanda and Chris described what their wedding would look like to us, they both mentioned that there would be lots of hugs and kisses because family is extremely important to them. Sure enough, their special day was filled with hugs and kisses galore and genuine love and happiness felt all around. 

Nicole & Derreck

ND Blog.png

This wedding season, we had the wonderful pleasure of filming several love stories that have stood against time and boast over 10 years of commitment. What began as simply a mutual adoration for each other in grade 8 (she thought he was a nice guy, and she captured his attention by eating a giant cookie for lunch every day) grew into a friendship, and eventually that blossomed into love by grade 12. Nicole and Derreck's relationship can only be described as a breath of fresh air, untainted and pure. The kind of love story that you get all warm and fuzzy hearing about, and their wedding day was the perfect representation of the sweet and down to earth nature of Nicole and Derreck's personalities. 

Nicole and Derreck's mornings began as drastic contrasts from each others'. While Derreck quietly got ready at his parents' home, Nicole's home was bursting (literally and figuratively) with excitement with lots of family and friends along to witness the joyous event. Nicole continuously flashed that big radiantly beautiful smile throughout her morning prep. Derreck and his groomsmen were soon halted at the door by Nicole's bridesmaids, who weren't going to let them through without some work. What followed was described by our shooters as possibly the funniest door games they have ever filmed in all our wedding seasons! Once entry was gained, Nicole and Derreck continued with a tea ceremony at the bride's house followed by another at the groom's home. 

Their wedding ceremony was held at the Botanical Garden at UBC, where guests were chauffeured through the lush gardens via a golf cart to the Amphitheatre. The Amphitheatre is a majestic and open space that literally takes your breath away. Right off the bat, the ceremony began true to Nicole and Derreck's adorableness with the bride marching down to the instrumental scores from the ever so popular Japanese animated film "My Neighbour Totoro". The handsome and polished Derreck was all smiles as he watched his beautiful bride come down the steps of the Amphitheatre. Then Nicole and Derreck delivered what I personally consider the most entertaining vows I have ever heard at a wedding. They were uniquely personalized with their own humorous flair, soft loving jabs at each other, but with the sweetest pledges to follow. Our team and the awesome photographers at Love Frankly had such a blast with their creative session around the campus afterwards. You have to love a bridal party who will pose with Pokemons (yes, people were catching Pokemons) and also be silly enough to agree to emerge from a dark tunnel as if they were being chased by some inexplicable being. It was a fun fun fun shoot! The evening later brought everyone to Continental Seafood Restaurant in Richmond. 

Nicole told Derreck that she had waited 5 years to go out with him, but in return, Derreck shared that he had waited his whole life for someone like her. They both shared that the keys to their relationships is that they have the same humour, same values and lastly, neither takes things too seriously. Perhaps that's what makes their love story so effortlessly perfect. 


Jackie & Tommy

As wedding film makers, we always take notice of the sweet twinkle in our couples' eyes or how their entire face lights up effortlessly whenever they talk about their significant others. It's that unmistakable evidence of sweetness that fills you when you think about the one that you love. For Jackie and Tommy, there is no denying they are absolutely the apple of each other's eyes. 

Jackie and Tommy's wedding day was one full of so much love and celebration and a classic and elegant affair that united two beautiful cultures. At the start of their day, all the girls gathered at Tommy and Jackie's home to get ready for the big event. While Jackie sat calmly in her makeup chair, sipping through a cute and appropriate "bride" cup, it was easy to see how excited she was to start the day! Meanwhile, Tommy and his groomsmen awoke to a stunning city view at the Fairmont Pacific Rim. The boys were equally as cool and collected and even enjoyed a soccer game on TV! 

Soon came the first of many special moments shared between Tommy and Jackie that day. Tommy waited patiently at the Museum of Anthropology at UBC, while Jackie pulled up in a stunning vintage car, a vehicle most fitting for our beautifully elegant bride. When Tommy and Jackie finally saw each other for the first time that day, it was as if all the world stood still and all that was important was right before their eyes. 

Towards early evening, dear friends and family gathered at the intimate backyard of the Brock House with a picturesque backdrop of the mountains and the ocean. During the beautiful golden hour of a Vancouver summer day, Jackie and Tommy exchanged their vows in a traditional Jewish ceremony. The celebration continued where family and friends joined together and took part in a Jewish circle dance, known as the Hora. Music and dancing bring the young and the old together as they know no boundaries and only serve to bring everyone closer together. It was just simply amazing to watch everyone having such a great time! Friends and family continued the evening by dining under the classically decorated reception area of the Brock House, followed by more celebrations on the dance floor. 

When we chatted with Jackie about Tommy, she asked herself, "How did I get so lucky and found Tommy?" Well Jackie, I think it is safe to assume that Tommy feels the same way. There is no denying that Tommy and Jackie are each other's priorities and everyone who knows the loving couple would agree. When a love story is created by a love so tender and strong, we can't help but feel unbelievably honoured to be a part of their day. 


Lucy & Raymond

You know that feeling when you leave a wedding at the end of the night and you think to yourself, "Wow that was a fantastic wedding!" That's exactly how the entire team felt when we left Lucy and Raymond's wedding this summer at the Sage Bistro at UBC. From the buzzing energy that engulfed the entire day, to all the raw and heartwarming emotions and to all those moments where the crowd roared in laughter in unison during a speech, and listened and watched ever so intently to every event; you just knew that everyone was there for one sole purpose and that was to celebrate Lucy and Raymond. Their love for each other is just so pure and genuine that the warm and fuzzy feeling was simply contagious. 

The morning of the wedding was typical of any other, where the bride and groom's side each prepared for the excitement that was to come. The blushing bride looked like a Chinese porcelain doll as the hair stylist helped assemble a beautiful and delicate golden wedding hair piece onto Lucy's hair. I simply just loved loved loved this extra touch of tradition in Lucy's Chinese wedding outfit. It paid homage to the heavy and intricate hair piece with curtained beads that traditionally shield the bride's face. Raymond and his groomsmen quietly got ready at his condo, completely oblivious to the games and obstacles that Lucy's bridesmaids were planning for them. After proving his love for Lucy in several rounds of entertaining games, Raymond finally won his bride. The morning continued with two rounds of tea ceremonies at both Raymond's parents and Lucy's parents' houses where the young couple received blessings and gifts from their family. 

The afternoon continued onto the other side of the city at UBC where preparations for the ceremony and reception were in full swing. While Raymond busily moved between the Sage Bistro and the Rose Garden to finalize details, the bridesmaids helped Lucy into her beautiful lace mermaid gown with a blush undertone. Then in the privacy of the Sage Bistro's courtyard adjacent to a beautiful fountain, Lucy gently tapped Raymond's shoulder and that's when he saw her in her wedding gown for the first time. That first look is almost always our most favourite moment to capture because that look of pure love, admiration and their emotions simply cannot be staged. 

The wedding ceremony in the Rose Garden was equally as sweet and emotional. As Lucy's dad gently guided his little girl down the aisle, Raymond fought to hold back his tears that were bursting from within. There wasn't a single dry eye at the ceremony as Raymond delivered a beautiful poem for his vows to Lucy. 

The evening continued at the Sage Bistro where a lively band kept the spirit high all night long! Raymond surprised everyone by whipping out his guitar and serenaded Lucy with a rendition of "Better Together" by Jack Johnson. Both Raymond and Lucy have very special places in their families' hearts. Raymond is the youngest in the family and his older brother certainly had fun sharing glimpses of their childhood in his speech. Lucy is her parents' pride and joy as she is their only child. Her father shared a sweet story about when she was 10 years old and a boy had come over to their home. That was the moment when he realized that one day, a boy would come and take his daughter's hand. Strong family values are evidently important from both sides. What's more is that it was obvious that both Lucy and Raymond's families have embraced each other as their own. The day was truly a special and memorable day of not just the union of two young lovebirds, but also the merging of two amazingly loving families. 


Niem & Rachelle

Niem and Rachelle's love story began in high school where a beautiful and independent athlete of the year caught the eye of a sweet and charming skate boarder. As their friendship blossomed, Rachelle came to realize just how much of a gentleman Niem was, and how rare it was to find that quality in a high school boy. As their relationship grew over the next 10 years, they soon made the other person to be their best friend and soulmate. Niem shared that he knew Rachelle was the one he would marry when he went on a trip with his friends, and realized that there was a void in his heart because she wasn't there to share the experience with him. Rachelle shared that having Niem in her life is like winning the lottery because he is one in a billion. Their sweet wedding in mid June was a momentous occasion for everyone present as they joyously shared the long awaited union of two extraordinary people. 

Umbrellas went up as we quickly dashed into the Coast Hotel to start Rachelle and Niem's big day. It was a grey and wet Saturday morning with no breakage of sunshine in sight, but that didn't dampen the spirit and energy of the bridal party. You see, Niem and Rachelle's 21 people formation of a bridal party consisted of all their close friends from high school and this was an event to remember! As Rachelle was helped into her stunning lace wedding gown, Niem's sister, who was also a bridesmaid, delicately dabbed away her tears as she watched her soon-to-be sister-in-law get ready. Niem on the other hand had a rather restless night with all 10 of his groomsmen, but he looked handsome as ever in his jet black tuxedo. 

In the early afternoon, all their loved ones gathered at Hope Community Church in Surrey for the ceremony. One could easily feel the genuine love and well-wishes that everyone had for the couple. Just before the ceremony, Niem was approached from all angles and greeted by the biggest and warmest of hugs. When the procession began, Niem greeted every one of his groomsmen with a firm hug to show his appreciation for their friendships. The entire church froze in awe as Rachelle came down the aisle with her mother and grandfather, but no one was more blown away than Niem, who wept tears of joy as he watched his bride. Pastor Jeremy then delivered an absolutely entertaining, comical, but profession and respectful service, which perfectly reflected the easy-going but fun-loving nature of the bride and groom. 

Everyone was eager to celebrate as they all filed into Riverside Banquet Hall in Richmond for the evening reception. There were multiple highlights in the evening including a hot and sexy Latin dance performance by two members of the bridal party, a choreographed dance performed by the groom and the groomsmen, a surprise hip hop performance by the bride's adorable and talented younger cousins and of course, tearful, funny and heartfelt speeches galore. One of the most memorable speeches came from the bride's mom, who shared how Rachelle helped raise her younger brothers after the passing of her father. With every word that was shared that evening, you learned a little bit more about Rachelle and Niem and just how truly wonderful they are. It was without a doubt that everyone present that day had nothing but the best of wishes for them.

As Pastor Jeremy shared earlier in the ceremony, a marriage is where you choose the one with whom you will write the rest of your life story. From this moment on, you have a blank canvas and it is entirely upon your decisions as a couple to fill it with colourful adventures. Niem and Rachelle's love story is a classic and beautiful tale about two high school sweethearts who knew very early on that they had found the one that they will write their life story with. Over the past 10 years, they have already created countless portraits of perfection and we have no doubt in our minds that their journey will continue to be filled with more love and adventures because they will be doing it together. 

Rachelle and Niem, we feel so honoured to have had the pleasure to share your beautiful love story. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you both the best that life has to offer. 

Harumi & Adrian

Love is not something that necessarily requires spoken words or elaborate gestures. The most authentic and genuine love stories are those that can be felt just by watching two lovers look into each other's eyes or gently caress the other person's hands. Harumi and Adrian are two soft spoken individuals, but when they're together, there's no denying that they are in the presence of the one with whom they feel the most at ease and happiest. 

Harumi and Adrian's beautiful and intimate wedding was full of meticulously personalized touches from rustic handmade center pieces, bridal party bouquets and boutonnieres to wedding decors and wedding favours. When Alex went over to Harumi's place the day before the big event, her very gracious parents offered him some super delicious cookies from their wedding favours that they were excitedly putting together. (Lucky for me, Alex believes that sharing is caring.)

It was a toasty Saturday in the later afternoon of June. Beyond the heavy velvet drapes of Brix and Mortar Restaurant laid the whimsical realm of intricate vines that caressed the courtyard walls, making the ceremony much more intimate. It was like a hidden little secret garden in the middle of a buzzing metropolitan city. Harumi gracefully made her way down the aisle with her father, while Adrian waited nervously and guests welcomed her with bubbles. The beautiful bride was a stunning vision in her lace fit and flare wedding gown adorned with an elongated veil. Adrian and Harumi could barely contain their emotions right from the get-go when their officiant spoke words of love, friendship and commitment. In the evening, family and friends cuddled around the dance floor as Adrian and Harumi wowed the audience in a choreographed first dance. 

Early this Fall, Harumi and Adrian, together with Adrian's family, will travel to Japan to continue their wedding celebrations. We are so excited for you guys! Congratulations, Harumi and Adrian. May every day be as sweet as your wedding day. 


Kelly & Gordon

Your significant other is often also your best friend. They are the ones whom you have no reservation towards and you can be yourself entirely in front of them. They are the ones that can finish your sentence and often will know what you're thinking without you needing to speak. Often times, they may also consider everything that is dear to you and take that into great consideration in their planning. In Kelly and Gordon's 10-plus years love story, they define themselves as an old married couple who bicker a lot. The way how Alex and I see it, they are two adorably loving people whose affections toward each other are shown through playful teasing. Admittedly, they are way cuter than they realize. Yes, you are, Kelly and Gordon! Gordon is a police officer so when we first met them for coffee last year, we were on our best behaviour. It didn't take us too long to discover their silly side and after getting to know them more throughout the year, we realized they were practically a mirror image of us! Kelly was the first to point out our similarity one night over dinner, when Alex got mad at me for ordering another refillable drink after he had ordered one. And so a friendship was born as we bonded over our frugal ways. Their wedding was especially meaningful to us because by their wedding date, we were filming for our friends. 

Earlier this year, we got to film Kelly and Gordon at two phenomenal locations. We tagged along on their engagement shoot in Whistler with their photographers back in January. Gordon was very sweet and protective of his bride-to-be as they braved the chilling weather. Then over the spring, we discovered an enchanting little hidden gem adorned with fairy houses at Redwood Park in Surrey and knew instantly that Kelly and Gordon would love it! It was so fun to film them as we hung out and picnicked at the park. 

The setting of their wedding day in early May was one of perfect sun and blue skies. Kelly looked radiantly beautiful in her sparkling lace backless dress. Her romantic updo was decorated by fresh flowers to accentuate her sweetness as a blushing bride. Gordon was also every bit of the picture perfect groom in his custom-tailored suit. During the traditional Chinese door games, Gordon and his groomsmen took their friendships to a whole new level as they got up close and personal! We also didn't know that Gordon can strut his stuff down a catwalk and shake his booty like no one's business. Both Kelly and Gordon shared that they were surprised by how nervous they were right before the first look. No matter how long you've been together, there's nothing like seeing the love of your life in their wedding attire for the first time on your wedding day. Kelly was a vision in white as she cascaded down the steps of her door. Gordon had the biggest and sweetest smile and giggled ever so adorably before whispering, "You're so beautiful."

The afternoon continued at Van Dusen Garden where Kelly and Gordon took their vows before all their loved ones in an intimate ceremony. When Alex was editing the ceremony, he couldn't help but notice a rhythmic but quick thumping sound in the background. He soon realized that it was the sound of Gordon's heartbeat through the audio device! There was no denying that our groom was so excited to marry his bride! In the evening, guests ventured into Richmond to continue the celebrations at Empire Seafood Restaurant. When the lights dimmed the dance floor was open, Gordon impressed everyone with his ballroom dancing skills! Wow! The dance floor was packed by all generations and filled with a surplus of energy and love! 

When we chatted with Kelly during her interview session, she shared that Gordon is someone very special because he often thought about her late mother and would often try to involve her in their life changes. Right before they left their home to continue with the rest of the excitement for the day, Kelly and Gordon placed a special bouquet in front of her late mother's photo and shared a moment with her. It was a private and bitter sweet moment, but we can probably imagine how proud Kelly's mother must be of her wonderful daughter and new son-in-law. 

We feel so blessed to have met Kelly and Gordon and to have had the opportunity to be a part of their very special day. We hope that your marriage will continue to be blessed with lots and lots of laughter. 


Nathan & Miranda

What better way to end our year than to film the special day of my good friend Miranda and her hubby, Nate. I still remember the day when we found out about Nate and after some poking and prying, Miranda finally shared some tidbits about this wonderful man who captured her heart. Sure enough, Nate was every bit that Miranda described him to be, and as we got to know him better, we learned just how perfect he is for her. Anyone who knows Miranda would agree with her sister and Matron of Honour, when she said that Miranda is truly Miss Perfect, and the closest representation of Jesus Christ in human form.  Nate, being innately tender, caring and compassionate, is the perfect piece of jigsaw to Miranda's puzzle. Miss Perfect truly found her Mr. Perfect. 

That Saturday morning in mid November was typical of a damp and chilly fall day in Vancouver. Upstairs at her parents' home, the usually calm and composed Miranda had the biggest smile on her face as she excitedly chatted with people around her while she got her hair and makeup done. Soon, the house began to buzz with celebrations as friends and family began to arrive. Over at Nate's home, he was grinning from ear to ear as his best man helped him with the finishing touches of his suit. Nate made a handsome groom in his well-fitted jet black suit and bow tie. 

There is just something so perfect when you put several creative, fun and mischievous minds together to plan daunting wedding door games and I truly believe Miranda recruited the best team of girlfriends for that purpose. Nate and the boys endured a series of taste-testing, target-shooting, dancing and trotting through the neighbourhood in high heels before the groom finally gained entrance to see his bride. 

Following a traditional tea ceremony, the day continued onto Shaughnessy Heights United Church where Miranda's artistic and meticulous friends were already hard at work decorating the beautiful and elongated church aisle. The familiar sounds of old friends greeting each other, laughter shared by the young and old and the distant sound of instruments being tuned filled the air as everyone waited anxiously for the ceremony. Downstairs in the privacy of the bridal room, Miranda was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. A delicate beam of light shone down on our blushing bride and at that moment, it was as if God personally dedicated a spotlight on one of His finest on her special day. When the grand doors to the altar finally opened, Miranda's dad gently led his baby girl down the aisle, passing by glistening eyes and heartfelt smiles. In the presence of their loved ones and the heavenly father, Miranda and Nate exchanged their personally handcrafted vows. After the ceremony, guests enjoyed an impressive galore of gourmet appetizers from mouth-watering potato-leek soup to savory mini grilled cheese and pulled pork sandwiches just to name a few. Of course, there was also Miranda's favourite, ice cream!  It was all immaculately put together by her talented cousin and her amazing students!

The ice-cream wasn't the end of our sweet journey! Prior to the start of the dinner reception at the Kirin Restaurant at the Starlight Casino, guests helped themselves to a delightful buffet line of candies and relived sweet childhood memories with every bite! In the evening, Miranda emerged and stunned all the guests in a delicately handcrafted bejeweled burgundy qipao. It was an absolute show stopper and a striking contrast from the classic and angelic elegance that she exuded in her wedding gown. Miranda looked absolutely radiant in that magnificent qipao and it was difficult to take your eyes off her. 

Miranda and Nate are both devoted Christians and the cognizance of God was present throughout the day. Their close relationship with God is one of the most valued aspects in their marriage. In God they trusted to provide, and indeed He worked his magic and brought two amazing people together. Nate mentioned that Miranda makes him happy in a way that seemed foreign until he met her. Likewise, Miranda shared that Nate inspires her to take risks and experience new challenges, which is something that isn't easy for her. Now isn't that what real love is about? Isn't it about finding that special person who provides you with that sense of safety so that you may dare to explore with minimal fear? Isn't it about finding that special someone who makes your heart flutter like it has never before? Seeing them gazing lovingly into each other's eyes, laugh sounds of pure sweetness and witnessing a momentary pause as they gather their emotions to share how excited they are to spend their lives together makes us feel unbelievably happy for our two friends.  

Miranda is a very dear friend to me. My girlfriends and I squealed with excitement when we first heard about Nate, and sure enough we were just as giddy and overwhelmed with happiness for them when they finally tied the knot. Thank you Nate and Miranda for letting us document your incredible day. We feel so honoured to have captured your special moments. 

Brandi & Richard

Everyone needs to feel appreciated and loved and each one of us has our own language of love. For some people, love may translate through words while for others, it may come in the forms of a sweet gesture or a small token of appreciation. If I were to take a wild guess about Brandi and Richard's language of love, it would be safe for me to assume that it is through spending quality time with each other. Brandi and Richard lead very busy lives, which makes them cherish their time together even more. During his speech, Richard told guests that Brandi would spend hours piecing together her work schedule just so that they could carpool in the morning and maximize their time together, even if it may just be for a small fraction of their day. It is not about the quantity, but the quality of time spent together. 

It was an early Saturday morning just days before Fall, and we were greeted with your typical Raincouver weather. It was a morning set for rain gear and umbrellas. We entered Brandi and Richard's beautiful new home in Coquitlam and followed the sounds of giggles into the kitchen where the bridesmaids were getting ready. Upstairs, the blushing bride sat calmly and quietly in her bedroom while her makeup artist did her magic. From time to time, Brandi's mother would enter and sneak a peak at her beautiful daughter. During her speech, Brandi's mother said that she has long anticipated the day when her little girl would stand before her as a blushing bride. I can only imagine the range of emotions that must have swirled through her mind as she watched her little girl get ready for her wedding day. Soon, a parade of handsome cars lined the cul-de-sac of their neighbourhood. Out came the groomsmen and the sneaky groom who tried to bypass the bridesmaids by opening the front door with his key! Nice try! Like all Chinese weddings, entry must be gained. Richard and his groomsmen entertained us with promising renditions of several Chinese pop songs and impressively synchronized push-ups! 

Following a quick Chinese tea ceremony, we all braved the rain and headed for the Hart House in Burnaby where the ceremony and reception would be held. Part way through their elegant afternoon reception, Richard and his groomsmen surprised all their guests by serenading Brandi with "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys. Richard said they were nervous, but it was sure concealed well because they rocked it! One of the most memorable speeches came from the best man, Raymond, who also happens to be Richard's twin brother. He was quite literally the first person that Richard met and for the longest time, they were one half of "Team Richmond" (get it?). Raymond said that in a way, the wedding was like his grand exit as he said goodbye to his role as Richard's other half and passed the torch to Brandi. It was beautifully bitter sweet and perhaps Nancy (the maid of honour) was right when she said that God must have loved everything that was said at the wedding, because heaven continued to rain tears of joy throughout the afternoon. 

If there is just one thing that we can learn from Brandi and Richard's love story, it would be the impact of qualitative love yields selfless sacrifices. Whether it may be Brandi playing Tetris with her schedule or Richard transforming his man cave into her dream closet (Really! It's a DREAM closet!), these acts of love were wholeheartedly carried out in the most selfless way possible. Richard's father and Brandi's mother eloquently shared words of wisdom and both emphasized the importance of compromise and being a supportive and understanding spouse. It is without a doubt that our newlyweds share the same values on marriage as their respective parents. To selflessly give is easier said than done, so to wholeheartedly enact on it requires one to feel that it is worth it. For Brandi and Richard, they would fetch the moon for each other if they could. 

Congratulations, Brandi and Richard! Thank you for allowing us to witness such a fun, but beautifully memorable day! 


Kathleen & Ray

The last wedding of summer 2015 was extra special as it was one where my friend from high school finally wed the love of her life. Kat and Ray's love story began as a tale of two besties who their friends had already deemed a couple long before they made it official. When Ray finally popped the question over 8 years later, their long time friends couldn't be happier! Kat and Ray are both incredibly easy-going, fun and genuine people who definitely earned the loyalty of many friends. Their special late August wedding was a collective effort of dozens and dozens of pairs of hands who tirelessly, but enthusiastically made it a day to remember. 

Earlier in the summer, we brought Kat and Ray to Granville Island for their pre-wedding video shoot that would later be played at their reception. Their laughter was just infectious and it was so easy to capture those genuine moments as just looking at each other gave them the giggles. You know it's a good time when the bride calls a "Time out!" so that she could finish laughing. They gave our stomachs a good workout from all the laughing! 

In the early August morning at the tail end of summer, the LoveBug team arrived at Kat and Ray's place where the preparation action was already in full swing. All was calm and dandy on Ray's side at the laneway house, while the bridesmaids prepared for the multitude of obstacles that would test the groom and groomsmen's perserverance. Being from a Chinese background ourselves, we've seen our share of fun door games, but none compare to the cutest one that we saw at Kat and Ray's. You may recall from Edward and Helen's blog about Yue Lao, a deity whose sole mission is to connect the fate of two lovers by knotting their red strings. Kat's bridesmaids played up this old folktale by adding a few modern twists. Ray was presented with a galore of red strings and he had to successfully locate the one that was tied to the finger of his new bride (who awaited upstairs in her bedroom). Of course, as fate would have it, love doesn't always come so easily. Ray found himself with several questionable garments at the end of those strings until he finally found his bride! Alas, Kat emerged in her stunning beaded and delicately threaded 2 piece qua (Chinese wedding gown) as Ray led her downstairs. The tea ceremony that followed afterwards was a sight to behold as Kathleen is an only child and the jewel of her family. The smiles on her families' faces could not be replicated. 

The afternoon took us to the rustic London Heritage Farm in Richmond, where dozens of friends busily set up the adorable refreshment tables and ceremony. It was a gorgeous and hot sunny Saturday with feathery clouds. We often catch grooms breathing sighs of nervousness as they anticipate for the arrival of their brides. Ray was unlike the others as he was very calm and collected at the front of the altar. He had a look of certainty and confidence, and you could tell there was no doubt in his mind he was destined to be with Kat. Guests were graciously entertained by a prelude of adorable flower girls and ring bearers, each bearing pieces of advice for the groom. When Kat and her father finally stepped out, all eyes were immediately fixated on the beautiful bride in her elegant and romantic lace ballgown. Friends and families alike only had the sweetest and most sincere well wishes in their eyes as they witnessed the exchanges of vows. 

Both Kat and Ray value their family and friends to a high degree, so it was extremely important that everyone enjoyed themselves. Ray, being a true enthusiast for craft beer, made sure that the best of the best brewed gems from around town were available on hand. It was truly a celebration for the young and old alike, from little toddlers racing across the dance floor, groups of friends taking turns serenading the couple, and finally dozens of clinging glasses and hugs.

 Lots of adorable personal touches surfaced throughout the day to remind us of the genuine and playful nature of the couple. Ray's favourite animal (penguin) and Kat's unwavering love for Mickey Mouse influenced touches from the treats to the center pieces. What stood out to us was to witness firsthand the strong and supportive network of friends that Kat and Ray have gained for themselves. As mentioned before, Kat and Ray consider their friends an extension of their family. I remember when we first started looking at scheduling their pre-wedding shoot, Kat's schedule was very full with volunteer work and also with special times set aside to help her close friends. You could see that Kat and Ray wholeheartedly give to those around them, which was why their special day was a true indication of not only the impact that they have made on each other, but the mark they have made in the lives around them. 

Congratulations, Kat and Ray! It was simply amazing to witness your special day!

Dana & Alex

Brides and grooms don't usually notice this, but when we interview them about their soon-to-be wifey or hubby, their eyes light up and their smiles grow bigger and bigger as they take us through their journey. Dana and Alex are two beautiful and sweet people whose love for each other is so crystal clear in that they are truly each other's biggest fan. 

When Alex and Dana told us that they loved the outdoors, we just had to take advantage of the picturesque backdrop that laid right in our backyard. For their love story session, we brought them out to the surrounding areas of Belcarra Park in Port Moody, where we managed to catch the perfect golden hour sunlight that cascaded on the lake during sunset. It was such a pleasure  to watch Dana and Alex together because they are just a naturally fun-loving and romantic couple. In each other's presence, they have found a true happiness that permits them to wholeheartedly love and dance together as though no one is watching. 

Alex and Dana spent the morning getting ready just blocks apart from each other. It was a grey morning, but nothing could bring down the energy from both ends. Moments before Dana and her bridesmaids were about to leave for the first look, the very sweet and thoughtful Maid of Honour surprised the bride with a locket, which instantly reduced her to tears. Inside the precious piece of jewelry held the photo of Dana's late father. Dana kept the locket on her bouquet so that those nearest and dearest to her heart would truly be right by her side throughout her special day. 

Dana was a picture perfect bride in her stunning lace mermaid cut dress and long elegant train. Alex must have known that one glimpse of his bride would take his breath away, because he was so sweetly nervous and excited as he eagerly awaited that light tap on his back while standing by the New Westminster Quay for their first look. Later in the afternoon, all those dear to Alex and Dana witnessed their personalized marriage ceremony at the Burnaby Art Gallery. In the evening, guests celebrated with the newly weds at Roma Hall where the bride and groom delighted the attendants with a special choreographed first dance that consisted of waltz, break dance and salsa! Those who know them would know that Alex caught Dana's eye because he's a great dancer, so of course it was only fitting that he would share the talent that won his bride's heart. Did I mention that Alex is a DJ as well? Yes, you guessed it. The music was phenomenal throughout the night and the crowd's energy never ceased. Weddings can be as glitzy and glamorous as one can make it, but the spirit of the event can only be created by the energy that embodies the day and Alex and Dana's day was truly one to remember. 

Congratulations, Dana and Alex. Thank you for including us in your special day! 


Michael & Stephanie

Weddings are usually the most memorable and romantic day of a couple's life and often times, brides and grooms go above and beyond to make it more personalized and unique. Michael and Stephanie's wedding was very dear to us because we were invited to be a part of each of their surprises! Stephanie is an extraordinarily talented opera singer and a PhD candidate in Music, and the ever so loving and sweet Michael wanted to surprise her by re-learning the violin to perform for her on their wedding day. Michael hadn't played the violin since his elementary school days! (cue the "Awwww!") So when he approached us to help him document his process, we were super excited! Michael was a great sport as he let us follow him around and re-enacted everything from getting off work to visiting Long and McQuade and finally his violin lessons. Just when we thought things couldn't get any better, Stephanie informed us that she planned on surprising Michael by singing her vows to him! So there we were, informed and a part of two very special secrets for two very special people. It took a lot of self-control to contain our excitement! 

The morning of the wedding began with its usual excitement on both ends, but with a surprising and welcoming calmness. Stephanie and her mother enjoyed some quiet time at the Four Seasons Hotel as they got ready for the day and were later joined by her excited bridesmaids who flew in from all over the map for her big day! Michael greeted us at the door to his house with an eager and bright smile with a hint of nervousness as he was about to set out to pick up the love of his life. After receiving customized cuff links with their initials, the groomsmen and groom were ready to go! Our very sweet and thoughtful groom had his groomsmen deliver breakfast and a set of personally bejeweled and labeled Starbucks cups to the bride and her girls. We knew we were set for more sweet surprises! 

After enduring a string of bridal trivial pursuit, strenuous physical assessments and an entertaining catwalk, Michael was finally permitted to see his bride. He nervously waited out on the terrace and took deep breaths as the stunningly beautiful and elegant Stephanie slowly approached her groom for their first look. Stephanie was absolutely breath-taking. She looked just like a princess who had just stepped out of a storybook. The moment just unfolded so beautifully as if everything around them froze in time and all that existed and mattered in the world was right there before them. Throughout their photo and video session, one could not help but notice just how attentive and caring they were towards each other. From just a simple peck on the cheek to caressing each other, each movement was delicate and loving as to symbolize their value for each other. 

To honour both of their heritages, Stephanie and Michael presented tea to their loved ones in both Japanese and Chinese tea ceremonies. During the Japanese tea ceremony, Stephanie wore a beautiful kimono that belonged to her mother while Michael wore an honorable kimono that his new mother-in-law had ordered from Japan. For the Chinese tea ceremony, Stephanie wore an exquisite red dress with detailed embroidery and a modern twist.

During the wedding nuptials, Stephanie's highly anticipated wedding vows was an absolute show-stopper as she sang her promises to Michael to the tune of "All I Ask of You" from Phantom of the Opera (Michael's favourite). Her angelic voice filled every inch of the room and captivated every listener, but most dearly the one standing right in front of her. Michael later reciprocated the love by delivering his own show-stopping surprise during the reception, but not without the help of the MC's. Stephanie was made to believe they were about to play the "shoe game" when Michael's violin prep video played on the projector. Stephanie was completely taken by surprise and just when she thought it was over, Michael was handed a violin and delivered a flawless performance of "A Thousand Years" for his bride and guests. Our hearts were bursting with joy as we knew how hard Michael had worked. Great job, Michael!

Stephanie's father noted that both the bride and groom touch people's hearts in their own special ways. Michael is a cardiologist and he helps cure the hearts of those who need him. Stephanie's beautiful voice brings endless joy to the hearts of others. Michael and Stephanie are two incredibly accomplished, intelligent, genuine and down to earth individuals, and they humbly credit that to their amazing parents. Both Michael and Stephanie grew up in households where their parents strove to give their children the best that life has to offer. Their thankful words to their parents were deeply heartfelt and emotional and Stephanie even struggled to finish her speech. Michael humorously tried to save the day by stepping in as "Stephanie", which certainly lightened up the room of sniffling and tearing audiences. And that is what a marriage is. It is when you finish the words of the other person when they are unable to. It is when you give the other person a gentle squeeze in the hand and whisper "I love you" when they're in tears. It is when you know the other person loves fish, and you'll anticipate a life of fishing and boating. It is when you know you've found the love of your life and you would do whatever it takes to put a smile on their face, like re-learn an instrument. 

Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your very special day, Michael and Stephanie! It touched our hearts in more ways than one. 



Bonnie & Marcel

They had us at Disneyland. 

When I first read Bonnie and Marcel's e-mail and learned that they love Disney and got engaged in Disneyland, I squealed in excitement! Alex and I are huge kids at heart and we love Disney themed parks (we went to Disneyland for our honeymoon). Anyone who decides to get engaged at the happiest place on earth is already in our good books. After meeting Bonnie and Marcel, they were every bit the sweet, genuine and adorably charming couple that we imagined they would be. Earlier this summer, we spent an entire day with them as they prepared a cute picnic lunch that they would later enjoy at Deer Lake. Throughout both our outings, not only did we get to know Marcel and Bonnie better on a personal level, but also witnessed just how beautifully genuine and pure their love is. It didn't matter what they did or where they were, the greatest highlight for Marcel and Bonnie was that they got to experience it all together. 

This love story does not lack the warmth and fuzziness that we love oh so much. In fact, the wedding day was abundantly filled with so much love and emotions that it was difficult to hold back our own tears. From Bonnie quietly reassuring both herself and Marcel to not cry after their first look, to her parents fighting back tears all day long, there were just so many touching and cherishable moments. 

It was a grey and cloudy morning, but that didn't deter the excitement that buzzed about in Bonnie's parents' kitchen where the blushing bride, her bridesmaids and her mom were eagerly getting dolled up for the big day. Bonnie was all smiles and giggles and as cool as a cucumber! Marcel was a bright-eyed groom who smiled from ear to ear as he got ready for his day. After conquering the task of making pocket squares with help from Youtube, the groomsmen documented their victory with selfies galore. You know it will be a great day when selfies are involved. =) 

Not all brides embrace the tradition of having "something old, something borrowed and something blue", but Bonnie managed to include 2/3 with a twist of Chinese culture, which made it all the more special! For the tea ceremony in the morning, Bonnie wore a delicately embroidered gold, silver and red dragon and phoenix qua (Chinese 2-piece wedding gown) that had been worn by several of her cousins on their wedding days. To add a one of a kind finishing touch, Bonnie also wore the same red flower that her mother wore in her hair on her wedding day. The tea set used for the Chinese tea ceremony was also used during Bonnie's parents and her brother's weddings as well. 

The series of wedding festivities continued to the luxurious and elegant Terminal City Club where Bonnie and Marcel exchanged their vows in front of all their loved ones in a beautifully heart-warming ceremony. The elegant chandelier-adorned venue with the stunning candle-lit decor complemented by a Disney-themed playlist made guests feel like they were attending a magical wedding at Disneyland. Cocktails and a fun-filled reception followed by a packed dance floor that lasted until the early hours of the morning characterized the rest of the wedding day. When the last song of the evening was played, every remaining guest crowded the dance floor and huddled in one large group hug and embraced each other for the final dance. It was  the most perfect and beautifully loving way to end an evening. 

One of my personal most favourite parts of a wedding is to witness the cherishable moments shared between the bride and groom and their families. Bonnie is absolutely the apple of her parents' eyes. Many times, Bonnie's father would turn to her mother and quietly whisper, "Look how beautiful our daughter looks", before quietly wiping away a stray tear from his cheeks. The tea ceremony was especially bitter sweet as Bonnie's parents joyfully opened their arms and hearts to their new son-in-law, while ever so hesitantly struggled to let go of their little girl. When I had a chance to chat with Bonnie's father, his eyes glistened with joy as he described her as a stellar student and amazing daughter who never worried her parents. Marcel's amazing character was also reflected by his proud and honoured parents who spoke of his dedication, persistence, intelligence and humbleness. It was undeniable that Marcel and Bonnie have made their families amazingly proud. 

Late on the eve of their wedding day, Marcel remembered that he had promised Bonnie that he would honour her Chinese heritage by completing a traditional hair combing ceremony. Marcel drove 45 minutes to his apartment to retrieve the comb kit and then back to his parents' home simply because he wanted to remain true to his promise. Isn't that just the very foundation of love and marriage? Bonnie and Marcel's relationship is genuine and rare not only because of their love and respect for each other, but also because they truly are the best version of themselves when they are together. That is when you know you've met your soulmate. 



Amaneet & Teena

 In early July, we kick started the summer with a four-day Indian wedding celebration. There's nothing we love more than to be embraced into celebrations of love, friendship and the union of two families. While weddings are about celebrating a marriage and the beginning of a life together, it is also a time to celebrate the growth and transition of the bride and groom from existing as individuals to joining together as one. We were very fortunate that we were able to capture all the excitement that extended over four days. 

Our stunning couple flew into town from Edmonton and were immediately swept away by wedding festivities! We began with Days 1 and 2 by filming ceremonies of blessings and celebrating the bride and groom's transition into a wife and husband. Teena's Mendhi and Maiyan party was set in an intimate and beautifully decorated tent with a sea of satin rainbow pillows and candles. Guests enjoyed each other's company with refreshments and chatters while ladies had their hands intricately decorated by Mendhi artists. Teena was later blessed by her family and friends when they rubbed tumeric paste on her arms and fed her with sweets during the Maiyan ceremony. The tumeric paste is meant to help prepare the bride and groom's skin by making it glow on their wedding day.  Celebrations continued into Day 2 with Teena's Sangeet party and Amaneet's own Maiyan and Jaago party. Both parties were sights to behold with dance performances, Jaago dances and lots of singing. 

Days 3 and 4 were focused on the union of of the bride and groom as well as the two families. Will and I began our day bright and early at Teena's house where footsteps, chatters and laughter could be held around the house. Teena was a stunning vision in her intricately bejeweled pink wedding gown along with her magnificent jewelry . The glamour and elegance that radiated from her stopped you in your tracks, and one could not help but pause to take in her beauty. Meanwhile, Alex stayed quick on his toes at Amaneet's house as he dashed between rooms to capture all the excitement. It was exciting to watch Amaneet transform into a proud and honorable Indian groom. He looked much like royalty in his meticulously fitted and embroidered suit complemented by a carefully decorated turban and a bejeweled sword. Soon, he was quickly escorted out the door by the excited female members of his family. Crowds grew by numbers at the Mission Sikh Temple where members from both sides excitedly waited for the ceremony to begin. Both sides of the families greeted each other outside the temple and entered as one big and newly united family to witness the marriage of the bride and groom. 

Of course, an Indian wedding day wouldn't be complete without some fun twists and turns. The bride was soon "kidnapped" back to her home and the groom had to pay a glorious amount to retrieve his wife. That was later followed by more fun and games at the groom's house where the newlywed's teamwork was immediately tested.

The 4 part series of extravagances finally concluded with Day 4, the reception.  The luxurious Crystal Ballroom at York in Surrey provided the perfect elegant setting for our stunningly gorgeous couple. For the wedding reception, Amaneet looked exceptionally handsome and charming in his black tie formal wear and Teena continued to look every bit of a stunning princess in her dazzling gold dress. Teena and Amaneet's entrance into the ballroom was greeted with roaring cheers of excitement and happiness from their family and friends. The dance floor remained flooded by occupants all night long as guests of all ages celebrated the union of two deserving people. Teena in her graceful and gentle nature is the prefect complement to Amaneet's easy-going and fun-loving personality. Together, they are a humble and down to earth pair, and that is absolutely unmistakable. 

At every wedding, we always learn something new and that's what makes it so fun and exciting! With Teena and Amaneet's wedding, it was truly an eye-opening experience filled with so much excitement, colour, joy and not to mention, delicious food! Each event was joyous, intimate and unique in their own ways, and it was truly our pleasure to be a part this 4 day celebration. 

Congratulations, Teena and Amaneet! Thank you for sharing your special celebration with us. 

Eileen & Eugene

Our summer wedding season kick started with an amazing love story shoot followed by a fantastic wedding for Eileen and Eugene. Back in April, we brought up the idea of filming at Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver and Eileen and Eugene were totally game for it. We ended up spending the day filming and trekking through the majestic landscape of the park and to the lighthouse. 

The actual day of the wedding was greatly exciting as it was the celebration of a love story that was 10 years in the making. As we entered Eileen's room at the Fairmont Pacific Rim, we were immediately welcomed by laughter and the unmistakable smell of bacon. The girls were relaxed and happily enjoying breakfast as they waited for their turn for hair and makeup. Meanwhile, the boys downstairs were bursting in tears and laughter trying to figure out how to tie the perfect tie. Well someone eventually must have figured it out, because the groom and groomsmen looked dashing in the end! Eileen shone like a classic and glamorous Hollywood Starlet with her piercing beautiful eyes, red lips, soft curls and vintage-inspired gown. Friends and family later gathered as they witnessed the marriage vows and holy blessings from Father John at St. Patrick's Catholic Church. The celebration continued with an evening reception at Van Dusen Gardens with a picturesque backdrop. The late Spring sunset illuminated the room, creating the perfect ambiance for the early evening. Then guests ventured onto the dance floor where hits from the 90's brought everyone out! It was equally entertaining to watch as it was to be on the dance floor! You know it was a good time when there were multiple dance offs and the minute the adorable 2 year old flower girl hit the dance floor, she created a long train followed by numerous adoring guests! 

Sometimes, it's the little things that couples do that tell you a great deal about them. For example, it was so sweet to watch Eugene hold his hand out for Eileen's every time we came across uneven or elevated steps at Lighthouse Park, then tenderly guiding her throughout the wedding day when her feet began to hurt. Witnessing them kiss or caress each other was also magical as you could feel the strength and passion within their love and that is something that cannot be staged or imitated. 

Thank you Eileen and Eugene for giving us this wonderful opportunity to be a part of your day. 

Lovebugs On Vacation

"You can travel the world...but nothing comes close to the golden coast"...Pop quiz! Whose lyrics are those?! 

With the busy wedding season fast approaching, we decided to escape the Vancouver rain and  random chilly sunshine days for legitimate 30 degrees weather. So off went the lovebugs behind Lovebug to sunny Cali Cali Cali! In true dedicated videographer fashion, we couldn't leave home without bringing some video toys with us, which led to the crazy idea of documenting our trip. Quite the experience to film and star in our own video, but we had a lot of fun making it! 

We began our 14 day journey by flying into San Francisco and played tourists around town for a few days. Our tummies were endlessly stuffed on a daily basis, since my Instagram foodie friend recommended a galore of fantastic restaurants to try! I was really excited about visiting San Francisco! I think all those childhood days spent idolizing Stephanie Tanner on "Full House" played a contributing factor. And you guessed it, of course we had to hit up the Full House house! We also visited the Alcatraz Penitentiary, Lombard Street, Fisherman's Wharf, Golden Gate Bridge, and more! Our second half of the trip was spent in Alex's favourite part of California, Los Angeles, where we became beach bums all day every day in 30-35*C weather! 

One of the defining moments in any relationship would probably be the point when you realize you can actually sit through long long LONG car rides with someone without wanting to pull your hair out. Luckily, we love each other's company. Alex and I have been on countless road trips together, but this was by far the longest and best one! We're not talking about the good ol' I-5 with endless stretches of farm land, gas stations and strip malls. We're talking the majestic California coastline with more charm and beauty waiting just around the corner with each turn. We spent three whole days driving along the coastline from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The whole way through, I couldn't help but feel we were continuously being let in on a hidden secret as we explored this stunning "back road" route that fast-paced people often overlook. With every town, landmark, nesting ground (for elephant seals), waterfall or beach that we encountered, we learned a little more about the surroundings and the stories they told. It was just unbelievable to drive without a timeline to meet or reservations to keep. We pulled over whenever anything captivated us and just stepped out and enjoyed it. I think with that mentality in mind, it really made us more aware and appreciative of the beauty in our surroundings. 

There were several firsts on this trip. It was our first visit to San Francisco. This was our first drive along the California coastline. It was also the first time where we slept in the car for a few nights. It wasn't necessarily a crazy adventure, but it definitely was an amazing and memorable trip because we got to share it with each other. 

Helen & Edward

2015-01-12 11.19.58 4.jpg

You may recall from our previous blog that I mentioned 月下老人 "The Old Man Under the Moon" is our adorable bride, Helen's favourite novel about the god of marriage. Yue Lao (The god of marriage) never found love himself, and vowed to eternally help others find their one true love. Legend has it that we were all created attached to a piece of red string, and it is Yue Lao's mission to attach us to our soul mate. I remember when I was setting up the ring shot with her novel, Helen asked me if I knew why her book looked so new. Then she laughed and admitted this was her third copy as she had loaned out her previous copies to friends who never returned them. Nonetheless, that never stopped her from repurchasing and re-reading the story that inspires and creates hope for love. How romantic and adorable of a bride we have!

One of the best parts about this business is that we always learn something new about traditions and customs with each wedding. Edward and Helen's wedding was a sweet and respectful blend of Cantonese meets Taiwanese traditions. Of course, Edward couldn't escape the highly anticipated and entertaining wedding door games, but he was very lucky because Helen's bridesmaids were very kind with their tasks. All that separated the bride and groom was a bedroom door to their suite at the River Rock Casino and Resort, but yet Edward had to earn and pay his way in. Beyond those doors quietly sat his stunning bride, who watched the events (or torture) unfold via the modern technology we have come to know as Face Time.

Helen made several outfit changes throughout the day and she was stunningly beautiful in every single variation. Her beauty reminded me of a graceful and delicate porcelain doll (Her cousin said she looked like Elsa from Frozen. Close enough!). She was a breathtaking vision in her magnificent qua (traditional Chinese wedding gown) adorned with countless 3-dimensional bead work, stellar craftsmanship and piercing colours. And Edward...well, he was a glowing handsome groom with a smile that couldn't be removed! 

We said it once, we'll say it again. What we love most about this business is that we get to witness the amount of joy and love shared between the bride and groom and everyone important to them. That is something that is very raw, authentic and priceless. From watching and laughing with Helen's family and bridesmaids while they prepare for door games, seeing Edward and Edward's family tirelessly work around the clock, to witnessing all the genuine smiles from the heart and roaring laughter at the Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant; you know this couple is blessed with a loving and supportive network of great family and friends. 

Congratulations, Helen and Edward! Thank you for inviting us into a brief course in your journey together. 

Lovebug's First Wedding of 2015!

We had the privilege of filming the sweet winter wedding of Edward and Helen recently. Our adorable bride's favourite novel is 月下老人 "The Old Man Under the Moon", which tells the story of the god of marriage. He never found love himself and vowed to help others in their search for their soul mate. It was only fitting to incorporate this novel and to honour the god of marriage for bringing Edward and Helen together. Here's a sneak peak from their wedding! Stay tuned!

Judy & Kelvin

Two people with open hearts brought together by fate found in each other, the one person who makes their heart smile, eyes sparkle and brings out the best in them. That much was crystal clear as guests gathered to witness the union of Judy and Kelvin. 

It was a very bright and early day for everyone, but the adrenaline was rolling and the excitement was felt all around. Judy's house was buzzing with giggles and chatters as makeup brushes and curling irons did their magic and family continuously rolled in to join in on all the fun. Judy was absolutely stunning and looked like an old Hollywood starlet in her open back lace dress and delicate cage veil. Over at Kelvin's end, he and his groomsmen were up and ready to go when Alex showed up at their hotel room. Talk about being eager to get married! 

Part of what makes traditional Chinese weddings such a joy to watch is that it consists of many ceremonies, traditions and GAMES; all of which honour the couple's relationship, family and ancestors. Did you just re-read that? Yes, I said games. It is prevalent in many Asian cultures to throw in a game or two to poke fun at the couple, and for the groom to demonstrate his love and sincerity for his new bride. It is all in good fun of course, and always such a spectacle to watch! Throughout Judy and Kelvin's day, we had the pleasure to hear Kelvin and his groomsmen's rendition of "Just The Way You Are", see their topnotch dancing skills and witness some unforgettable kisses. 

Both Judy and Kelvin have an amazingly close relationship with their families and this wedding was made more special because it honoured both sides and truly celebrated the union of two families. 

Judy and Kelvin are our dear friends and we are so happy and honoured that we were able to capture all those special moments. Thank you, Judy and Kelvin, for having us be a part of your day!