Kelly & Gordon

Your significant other is often also your best friend. They are the ones whom you have no reservation towards and you can be yourself entirely in front of them. They are the ones that can finish your sentence and often will know what you're thinking without you needing to speak. Often times, they may also consider everything that is dear to you and take that into great consideration in their planning. In Kelly and Gordon's 10-plus years love story, they define themselves as an old married couple who bicker a lot. The way how Alex and I see it, they are two adorably loving people whose affections toward each other are shown through playful teasing. Admittedly, they are way cuter than they realize. Yes, you are, Kelly and Gordon! Gordon is a police officer so when we first met them for coffee last year, we were on our best behaviour. It didn't take us too long to discover their silly side and after getting to know them more throughout the year, we realized they were practically a mirror image of us! Kelly was the first to point out our similarity one night over dinner, when Alex got mad at me for ordering another refillable drink after he had ordered one. And so a friendship was born as we bonded over our frugal ways. Their wedding was especially meaningful to us because by their wedding date, we were filming for our friends. 

Earlier this year, we got to film Kelly and Gordon at two phenomenal locations. We tagged along on their engagement shoot in Whistler with their photographers back in January. Gordon was very sweet and protective of his bride-to-be as they braved the chilling weather. Then over the spring, we discovered an enchanting little hidden gem adorned with fairy houses at Redwood Park in Surrey and knew instantly that Kelly and Gordon would love it! It was so fun to film them as we hung out and picnicked at the park. 

The setting of their wedding day in early May was one of perfect sun and blue skies. Kelly looked radiantly beautiful in her sparkling lace backless dress. Her romantic updo was decorated by fresh flowers to accentuate her sweetness as a blushing bride. Gordon was also every bit of the picture perfect groom in his custom-tailored suit. During the traditional Chinese door games, Gordon and his groomsmen took their friendships to a whole new level as they got up close and personal! We also didn't know that Gordon can strut his stuff down a catwalk and shake his booty like no one's business. Both Kelly and Gordon shared that they were surprised by how nervous they were right before the first look. No matter how long you've been together, there's nothing like seeing the love of your life in their wedding attire for the first time on your wedding day. Kelly was a vision in white as she cascaded down the steps of her door. Gordon had the biggest and sweetest smile and giggled ever so adorably before whispering, "You're so beautiful."

The afternoon continued at Van Dusen Garden where Kelly and Gordon took their vows before all their loved ones in an intimate ceremony. When Alex was editing the ceremony, he couldn't help but notice a rhythmic but quick thumping sound in the background. He soon realized that it was the sound of Gordon's heartbeat through the audio device! There was no denying that our groom was so excited to marry his bride! In the evening, guests ventured into Richmond to continue the celebrations at Empire Seafood Restaurant. When the lights dimmed the dance floor was open, Gordon impressed everyone with his ballroom dancing skills! Wow! The dance floor was packed by all generations and filled with a surplus of energy and love! 

When we chatted with Kelly during her interview session, she shared that Gordon is someone very special because he often thought about her late mother and would often try to involve her in their life changes. Right before they left their home to continue with the rest of the excitement for the day, Kelly and Gordon placed a special bouquet in front of her late mother's photo and shared a moment with her. It was a private and bitter sweet moment, but we can probably imagine how proud Kelly's mother must be of her wonderful daughter and new son-in-law. 

We feel so blessed to have met Kelly and Gordon and to have had the opportunity to be a part of their very special day. We hope that your marriage will continue to be blessed with lots and lots of laughter.