Nathan & Miranda

What better way to end our year than to film the special day of my good friend Miranda and her hubby, Nate. I still remember the day when we found out about Nate and after some poking and prying, Miranda finally shared some tidbits about this wonderful man who captured her heart. Sure enough, Nate was every bit that Miranda described him to be, and as we got to know him better, we learned just how perfect he is for her. Anyone who knows Miranda would agree with her sister and Matron of Honour, when she said that Miranda is truly Miss Perfect, and the closest representation of Jesus Christ in human form.  Nate, being innately tender, caring and compassionate, is the perfect piece of jigsaw to Miranda's puzzle. Miss Perfect truly found her Mr. Perfect. 

That Saturday morning in mid November was typical of a damp and chilly fall day in Vancouver. Upstairs at her parents' home, the usually calm and composed Miranda had the biggest smile on her face as she excitedly chatted with people around her while she got her hair and makeup done. Soon, the house began to buzz with celebrations as friends and family began to arrive. Over at Nate's home, he was grinning from ear to ear as his best man helped him with the finishing touches of his suit. Nate made a handsome groom in his well-fitted jet black suit and bow tie. 

There is just something so perfect when you put several creative, fun and mischievous minds together to plan daunting wedding door games and I truly believe Miranda recruited the best team of girlfriends for that purpose. Nate and the boys endured a series of taste-testing, target-shooting, dancing and trotting through the neighbourhood in high heels before the groom finally gained entrance to see his bride. 

Following a traditional tea ceremony, the day continued onto Shaughnessy Heights United Church where Miranda's artistic and meticulous friends were already hard at work decorating the beautiful and elongated church aisle. The familiar sounds of old friends greeting each other, laughter shared by the young and old and the distant sound of instruments being tuned filled the air as everyone waited anxiously for the ceremony. Downstairs in the privacy of the bridal room, Miranda was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. A delicate beam of light shone down on our blushing bride and at that moment, it was as if God personally dedicated a spotlight on one of His finest on her special day. When the grand doors to the altar finally opened, Miranda's dad gently led his baby girl down the aisle, passing by glistening eyes and heartfelt smiles. In the presence of their loved ones and the heavenly father, Miranda and Nate exchanged their personally handcrafted vows. After the ceremony, guests enjoyed an impressive galore of gourmet appetizers from mouth-watering potato-leek soup to savory mini grilled cheese and pulled pork sandwiches just to name a few. Of course, there was also Miranda's favourite, ice cream!  It was all immaculately put together by her talented cousin and her amazing students!

The ice-cream wasn't the end of our sweet journey! Prior to the start of the dinner reception at the Kirin Restaurant at the Starlight Casino, guests helped themselves to a delightful buffet line of candies and relived sweet childhood memories with every bite! In the evening, Miranda emerged and stunned all the guests in a delicately handcrafted bejeweled burgundy qipao. It was an absolute show stopper and a striking contrast from the classic and angelic elegance that she exuded in her wedding gown. Miranda looked absolutely radiant in that magnificent qipao and it was difficult to take your eyes off her. 

Miranda and Nate are both devoted Christians and the cognizance of God was present throughout the day. Their close relationship with God is one of the most valued aspects in their marriage. In God they trusted to provide, and indeed He worked his magic and brought two amazing people together. Nate mentioned that Miranda makes him happy in a way that seemed foreign until he met her. Likewise, Miranda shared that Nate inspires her to take risks and experience new challenges, which is something that isn't easy for her. Now isn't that what real love is about? Isn't it about finding that special person who provides you with that sense of safety so that you may dare to explore with minimal fear? Isn't it about finding that special someone who makes your heart flutter like it has never before? Seeing them gazing lovingly into each other's eyes, laugh sounds of pure sweetness and witnessing a momentary pause as they gather their emotions to share how excited they are to spend their lives together makes us feel unbelievably happy for our two friends.  

Miranda is a very dear friend to me. My girlfriends and I squealed with excitement when we first heard about Nate, and sure enough we were just as giddy and overwhelmed with happiness for them when they finally tied the knot. Thank you Nate and Miranda for letting us document your incredible day. We feel so honoured to have captured your special moments.