Lead Cinematographer & Editor

This Sagittarius embodies all the characteristics of the classic Artisan temperament. Not only is he a spontaneous thrill-seeker, but he is also unconventional and passionately focused on overcoming and mastering action skills. An interest in filming began with his parents’ camcorder and a group of childhood friends. He later combined his two loves of filming and thrill-seeking by producing sports edits of his snowboarding and longboarding adventures. Most people would never guess that he’s in fact quite a romantic at heart, which gives him that edge when filming and editing that one of a kind wedding story for each couple. A passionate (borderline obsessive) snowboarder in the winter and fearless daredevil longboarder in the spring and summer, much to the dismay of his wife, Angela. Above all else, the "hat" that he enjoys wearing most is being a father to their super active and curious toddler son. 

Creative Director

Sociable, talkative and easy-going, Angela will never get tired of talking or hearing about weddings. She likely went through a phase of withdrawal after planning her wedding to Alex in September of 2013. As one of the creative minds behind the storyboards, this hopeless romantic offers that soft feminine touch to our films. Not only is she the quirky voice behind our blog and email exchanges, but she is also the backbone behind the scenes. Take her to her happy place by introducing her to the latest and greatest of new restaurants, desserts, spicy food and scary movies (not the gory ones). Proud and not afraid to admit it, Angela and Alex will forever be big kids at heart and will always have a soft spot for all things Disney! Speaking of kids, Angela can often be seen chasing after their little guy or sharing half of all her food to satisfy his unwavering hunger. 



A Brazilian who chose Vancouver as home. Pedro is a young enthusiast of the seventh art (cinema), which brings the essence in his work. When he was a little boy, his doting parents followed him around with a camera in hand capturing all his waking moments. Perhaps his love for images began from his childhood roots, as he later pursued a degree in Cinema from the Anhembi Morumbi University in São Paulo, Brazil. Few people know that Pedro has a strange obsession with German expressionism and Tim Burton. He is a lover of Martial arts and animals and a self-proclaimed “cat maniac”! The way to Pedro’s heart is to keep it simple and get him a nice cold Coca-Cola.


Outside of wedding cinematography, Mike works in the Vancouver film industry. During his free time, Mike takes his passion for film-making to the mountains and enjoys capturing the scenic wonderland that Vancouver has to offer. As an adrenaline junkie and snowboarding geek, he will never part ways with his snowboard, even if it was the only thing that he could take with him to a deserted island.