Judy & Kelvin

Two people with open hearts brought together by fate found in each other, the one person who makes their heart smile, eyes sparkle and brings out the best in them. That much was crystal clear as guests gathered to witness the union of Judy and Kelvin. 

It was a very bright and early day for everyone, but the adrenaline was rolling and the excitement was felt all around. Judy's house was buzzing with giggles and chatters as makeup brushes and curling irons did their magic and family continuously rolled in to join in on all the fun. Judy was absolutely stunning and looked like an old Hollywood starlet in her open back lace dress and delicate cage veil. Over at Kelvin's end, he and his groomsmen were up and ready to go when Alex showed up at their hotel room. Talk about being eager to get married! 

Part of what makes traditional Chinese weddings such a joy to watch is that it consists of many ceremonies, traditions and GAMES; all of which honour the couple's relationship, family and ancestors. Did you just re-read that? Yes, I said games. It is prevalent in many Asian cultures to throw in a game or two to poke fun at the couple, and for the groom to demonstrate his love and sincerity for his new bride. It is all in good fun of course, and always such a spectacle to watch! Throughout Judy and Kelvin's day, we had the pleasure to hear Kelvin and his groomsmen's rendition of "Just The Way You Are", see their topnotch dancing skills and witness some unforgettable kisses. 

Both Judy and Kelvin have an amazingly close relationship with their families and this wedding was made more special because it honoured both sides and truly celebrated the union of two families. 

Judy and Kelvin are our dear friends and we are so happy and honoured that we were able to capture all those special moments. Thank you, Judy and Kelvin, for having us be a part of your day!