Dana & Alex

Brides and grooms don't usually notice this, but when we interview them about their soon-to-be wifey or hubby, their eyes light up and their smiles grow bigger and bigger as they take us through their journey. Dana and Alex are two beautiful and sweet people whose love for each other is so crystal clear in that they are truly each other's biggest fan. 

When Alex and Dana told us that they loved the outdoors, we just had to take advantage of the picturesque backdrop that laid right in our backyard. For their love story session, we brought them out to the surrounding areas of Belcarra Park in Port Moody, where we managed to catch the perfect golden hour sunlight that cascaded on the lake during sunset. It was such a pleasure  to watch Dana and Alex together because they are just a naturally fun-loving and romantic couple. In each other's presence, they have found a true happiness that permits them to wholeheartedly love and dance together as though no one is watching. 

Alex and Dana spent the morning getting ready just blocks apart from each other. It was a grey morning, but nothing could bring down the energy from both ends. Moments before Dana and her bridesmaids were about to leave for the first look, the very sweet and thoughtful Maid of Honour surprised the bride with a locket, which instantly reduced her to tears. Inside the precious piece of jewelry held the photo of Dana's late father. Dana kept the locket on her bouquet so that those nearest and dearest to her heart would truly be right by her side throughout her special day. 

Dana was a picture perfect bride in her stunning lace mermaid cut dress and long elegant train. Alex must have known that one glimpse of his bride would take his breath away, because he was so sweetly nervous and excited as he eagerly awaited that light tap on his back while standing by the New Westminster Quay for their first look. Later in the afternoon, all those dear to Alex and Dana witnessed their personalized marriage ceremony at the Burnaby Art Gallery. In the evening, guests celebrated with the newly weds at Roma Hall where the bride and groom delighted the attendants with a special choreographed first dance that consisted of waltz, break dance and salsa! Those who know them would know that Alex caught Dana's eye because he's a great dancer, so of course it was only fitting that he would share the talent that won his bride's heart. Did I mention that Alex is a DJ as well? Yes, you guessed it. The music was phenomenal throughout the night and the crowd's energy never ceased. Weddings can be as glitzy and glamorous as one can make it, but the spirit of the event can only be created by the energy that embodies the day and Alex and Dana's day was truly one to remember. 

Congratulations, Dana and Alex. Thank you for including us in your special day!