Veen & Robby

The foundation of one's relationship is built upon the experiences and sometimes obstacles shared by a couple. As the old saying goes, "What doesn't break you makes you stronger." For Veen and Robby, their journey has only solidified and validated their unyielding love for each other. The strength and passion of their love is incredibly powerful and one that we admire with so much respect. It is by this unwavering love that they have and will always choose each other over all else. 

Veen and Robby's big day started with an abundance of energy and excitement. Within the beautiful and brightly lit loft in downtown Vancouver, Veen and the girls excitedly finished up their makeup with endless rounds of laughter and giggles. Meanwhile, Robby and the boys got ready nearby with celebratory drinks galore. Shortly after, Robby waited patiently in the beautiful garden atop Robson Square to see his stunning bride for the first time. Needless to say, he was absolutely speechless when he finally saw her. 

The day carried us into the early evening ceremony at the Brock House where our excited and anxious groom smiled from ear to ear as he watched the love of his life grace the aisle. Alex and I both agree that Veen, hands down, had the best bridal walk we had ever seen! The sheer elegance that she projected commanded the attention of all who witnessed it and you simply could not take your eyes off her. As her MOH said, "Veen is a force to be reckoned with." The evening continued with guests enjoying delicious macarons (Veen's favourite) and family and friends gathering and enjoying each other's company through Kurdish and Arabic dancing. 

Just as their officiant, the Honorable Judge Deanne Gaffar had said, family is not just the one that you were born into, but includes those that you choose in your walk of life. Friends that you hold dear and near are often considered extended family. Family is simply defined as the connection you make with those that you love.