Lovebugs On Vacation

"You can travel the world...but nothing comes close to the golden coast"...Pop quiz! Whose lyrics are those?! 

With the busy wedding season fast approaching, we decided to escape the Vancouver rain and  random chilly sunshine days for legitimate 30 degrees weather. So off went the lovebugs behind Lovebug to sunny Cali Cali Cali! In true dedicated videographer fashion, we couldn't leave home without bringing some video toys with us, which led to the crazy idea of documenting our trip. Quite the experience to film and star in our own video, but we had a lot of fun making it! 

We began our 14 day journey by flying into San Francisco and played tourists around town for a few days. Our tummies were endlessly stuffed on a daily basis, since my Instagram foodie friend recommended a galore of fantastic restaurants to try! I was really excited about visiting San Francisco! I think all those childhood days spent idolizing Stephanie Tanner on "Full House" played a contributing factor. And you guessed it, of course we had to hit up the Full House house! We also visited the Alcatraz Penitentiary, Lombard Street, Fisherman's Wharf, Golden Gate Bridge, and more! Our second half of the trip was spent in Alex's favourite part of California, Los Angeles, where we became beach bums all day every day in 30-35*C weather! 

One of the defining moments in any relationship would probably be the point when you realize you can actually sit through long long LONG car rides with someone without wanting to pull your hair out. Luckily, we love each other's company. Alex and I have been on countless road trips together, but this was by far the longest and best one! We're not talking about the good ol' I-5 with endless stretches of farm land, gas stations and strip malls. We're talking the majestic California coastline with more charm and beauty waiting just around the corner with each turn. We spent three whole days driving along the coastline from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The whole way through, I couldn't help but feel we were continuously being let in on a hidden secret as we explored this stunning "back road" route that fast-paced people often overlook. With every town, landmark, nesting ground (for elephant seals), waterfall or beach that we encountered, we learned a little more about the surroundings and the stories they told. It was just unbelievable to drive without a timeline to meet or reservations to keep. We pulled over whenever anything captivated us and just stepped out and enjoyed it. I think with that mentality in mind, it really made us more aware and appreciative of the beauty in our surroundings. 

There were several firsts on this trip. It was our first visit to San Francisco. This was our first drive along the California coastline. It was also the first time where we slept in the car for a few nights. It wasn't necessarily a crazy adventure, but it definitely was an amazing and memorable trip because we got to share it with each other.