Eileen & Eugene

Our summer wedding season kick started with an amazing love story shoot followed by a fantastic wedding for Eileen and Eugene. Back in April, we brought up the idea of filming at Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver and Eileen and Eugene were totally game for it. We ended up spending the day filming and trekking through the majestic landscape of the park and to the lighthouse. 

The actual day of the wedding was greatly exciting as it was the celebration of a love story that was 10 years in the making. As we entered Eileen's room at the Fairmont Pacific Rim, we were immediately welcomed by laughter and the unmistakable smell of bacon. The girls were relaxed and happily enjoying breakfast as they waited for their turn for hair and makeup. Meanwhile, the boys downstairs were bursting in tears and laughter trying to figure out how to tie the perfect tie. Well someone eventually must have figured it out, because the groom and groomsmen looked dashing in the end! Eileen shone like a classic and glamorous Hollywood Starlet with her piercing beautiful eyes, red lips, soft curls and vintage-inspired gown. Friends and family later gathered as they witnessed the marriage vows and holy blessings from Father John at St. Patrick's Catholic Church. The celebration continued with an evening reception at Van Dusen Gardens with a picturesque backdrop. The late Spring sunset illuminated the room, creating the perfect ambiance for the early evening. Then guests ventured onto the dance floor where hits from the 90's brought everyone out! It was equally entertaining to watch as it was to be on the dance floor! You know it was a good time when there were multiple dance offs and the minute the adorable 2 year old flower girl hit the dance floor, she created a long train followed by numerous adoring guests! 

Sometimes, it's the little things that couples do that tell you a great deal about them. For example, it was so sweet to watch Eugene hold his hand out for Eileen's every time we came across uneven or elevated steps at Lighthouse Park, then tenderly guiding her throughout the wedding day when her feet began to hurt. Witnessing them kiss or caress each other was also magical as you could feel the strength and passion within their love and that is something that cannot be staged or imitated. 

Thank you Eileen and Eugene for giving us this wonderful opportunity to be a part of your day.