Amaneet & Teena

 In early July, we kick started the summer with a four-day Indian wedding celebration. There's nothing we love more than to be embraced into celebrations of love, friendship and the union of two families. While weddings are about celebrating a marriage and the beginning of a life together, it is also a time to celebrate the growth and transition of the bride and groom from existing as individuals to joining together as one. We were very fortunate that we were able to capture all the excitement that extended over four days. 

Our stunning couple flew into town from Edmonton and were immediately swept away by wedding festivities! We began with Days 1 and 2 by filming ceremonies of blessings and celebrating the bride and groom's transition into a wife and husband. Teena's Mendhi and Maiyan party was set in an intimate and beautifully decorated tent with a sea of satin rainbow pillows and candles. Guests enjoyed each other's company with refreshments and chatters while ladies had their hands intricately decorated by Mendhi artists. Teena was later blessed by her family and friends when they rubbed tumeric paste on her arms and fed her with sweets during the Maiyan ceremony. The tumeric paste is meant to help prepare the bride and groom's skin by making it glow on their wedding day.  Celebrations continued into Day 2 with Teena's Sangeet party and Amaneet's own Maiyan and Jaago party. Both parties were sights to behold with dance performances, Jaago dances and lots of singing. 

Days 3 and 4 were focused on the union of of the bride and groom as well as the two families. Will and I began our day bright and early at Teena's house where footsteps, chatters and laughter could be held around the house. Teena was a stunning vision in her intricately bejeweled pink wedding gown along with her magnificent jewelry . The glamour and elegance that radiated from her stopped you in your tracks, and one could not help but pause to take in her beauty. Meanwhile, Alex stayed quick on his toes at Amaneet's house as he dashed between rooms to capture all the excitement. It was exciting to watch Amaneet transform into a proud and honorable Indian groom. He looked much like royalty in his meticulously fitted and embroidered suit complemented by a carefully decorated turban and a bejeweled sword. Soon, he was quickly escorted out the door by the excited female members of his family. Crowds grew by numbers at the Mission Sikh Temple where members from both sides excitedly waited for the ceremony to begin. Both sides of the families greeted each other outside the temple and entered as one big and newly united family to witness the marriage of the bride and groom. 

Of course, an Indian wedding day wouldn't be complete without some fun twists and turns. The bride was soon "kidnapped" back to her home and the groom had to pay a glorious amount to retrieve his wife. That was later followed by more fun and games at the groom's house where the newlywed's teamwork was immediately tested.

The 4 part series of extravagances finally concluded with Day 4, the reception.  The luxurious Crystal Ballroom at York in Surrey provided the perfect elegant setting for our stunningly gorgeous couple. For the wedding reception, Amaneet looked exceptionally handsome and charming in his black tie formal wear and Teena continued to look every bit of a stunning princess in her dazzling gold dress. Teena and Amaneet's entrance into the ballroom was greeted with roaring cheers of excitement and happiness from their family and friends. The dance floor remained flooded by occupants all night long as guests of all ages celebrated the union of two deserving people. Teena in her graceful and gentle nature is the prefect complement to Amaneet's easy-going and fun-loving personality. Together, they are a humble and down to earth pair, and that is absolutely unmistakable. 

At every wedding, we always learn something new and that's what makes it so fun and exciting! With Teena and Amaneet's wedding, it was truly an eye-opening experience filled with so much excitement, colour, joy and not to mention, delicious food! Each event was joyous, intimate and unique in their own ways, and it was truly our pleasure to be a part this 4 day celebration. 

Congratulations, Teena and Amaneet! Thank you for sharing your special celebration with us.