Bonnie & Marcel

They had us at Disneyland. 

When I first read Bonnie and Marcel's e-mail and learned that they love Disney and got engaged in Disneyland, I squealed in excitement! Alex and I are huge kids at heart and we love Disney themed parks (we went to Disneyland for our honeymoon). Anyone who decides to get engaged at the happiest place on earth is already in our good books. After meeting Bonnie and Marcel, they were every bit the sweet, genuine and adorably charming couple that we imagined they would be. Earlier this summer, we spent an entire day with them as they prepared a cute picnic lunch that they would later enjoy at Deer Lake. Throughout both our outings, not only did we get to know Marcel and Bonnie better on a personal level, but also witnessed just how beautifully genuine and pure their love is. It didn't matter what they did or where they were, the greatest highlight for Marcel and Bonnie was that they got to experience it all together. 

This love story does not lack the warmth and fuzziness that we love oh so much. In fact, the wedding day was abundantly filled with so much love and emotions that it was difficult to hold back our own tears. From Bonnie quietly reassuring both herself and Marcel to not cry after their first look, to her parents fighting back tears all day long, there were just so many touching and cherishable moments. 

It was a grey and cloudy morning, but that didn't deter the excitement that buzzed about in Bonnie's parents' kitchen where the blushing bride, her bridesmaids and her mom were eagerly getting dolled up for the big day. Bonnie was all smiles and giggles and as cool as a cucumber! Marcel was a bright-eyed groom who smiled from ear to ear as he got ready for his day. After conquering the task of making pocket squares with help from Youtube, the groomsmen documented their victory with selfies galore. You know it will be a great day when selfies are involved. =) 

Not all brides embrace the tradition of having "something old, something borrowed and something blue", but Bonnie managed to include 2/3 with a twist of Chinese culture, which made it all the more special! For the tea ceremony in the morning, Bonnie wore a delicately embroidered gold, silver and red dragon and phoenix qua (Chinese 2-piece wedding gown) that had been worn by several of her cousins on their wedding days. To add a one of a kind finishing touch, Bonnie also wore the same red flower that her mother wore in her hair on her wedding day. The tea set used for the Chinese tea ceremony was also used during Bonnie's parents and her brother's weddings as well. 

The series of wedding festivities continued to the luxurious and elegant Terminal City Club where Bonnie and Marcel exchanged their vows in front of all their loved ones in a beautifully heart-warming ceremony. The elegant chandelier-adorned venue with the stunning candle-lit decor complemented by a Disney-themed playlist made guests feel like they were attending a magical wedding at Disneyland. Cocktails and a fun-filled reception followed by a packed dance floor that lasted until the early hours of the morning characterized the rest of the wedding day. When the last song of the evening was played, every remaining guest crowded the dance floor and huddled in one large group hug and embraced each other for the final dance. It was  the most perfect and beautifully loving way to end an evening. 

One of my personal most favourite parts of a wedding is to witness the cherishable moments shared between the bride and groom and their families. Bonnie is absolutely the apple of her parents' eyes. Many times, Bonnie's father would turn to her mother and quietly whisper, "Look how beautiful our daughter looks", before quietly wiping away a stray tear from his cheeks. The tea ceremony was especially bitter sweet as Bonnie's parents joyfully opened their arms and hearts to their new son-in-law, while ever so hesitantly struggled to let go of their little girl. When I had a chance to chat with Bonnie's father, his eyes glistened with joy as he described her as a stellar student and amazing daughter who never worried her parents. Marcel's amazing character was also reflected by his proud and honoured parents who spoke of his dedication, persistence, intelligence and humbleness. It was undeniable that Marcel and Bonnie have made their families amazingly proud. 

Late on the eve of their wedding day, Marcel remembered that he had promised Bonnie that he would honour her Chinese heritage by completing a traditional hair combing ceremony. Marcel drove 45 minutes to his apartment to retrieve the comb kit and then back to his parents' home simply because he wanted to remain true to his promise. Isn't that just the very foundation of love and marriage? Bonnie and Marcel's relationship is genuine and rare not only because of their love and respect for each other, but also because they truly are the best version of themselves when they are together. That is when you know you've met your soulmate.