Helen & Edward

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You may recall from our previous blog that I mentioned 月下老人 "The Old Man Under the Moon" is our adorable bride, Helen's favourite novel about the god of marriage. Yue Lao (The god of marriage) never found love himself, and vowed to eternally help others find their one true love. Legend has it that we were all created attached to a piece of red string, and it is Yue Lao's mission to attach us to our soul mate. I remember when I was setting up the ring shot with her novel, Helen asked me if I knew why her book looked so new. Then she laughed and admitted this was her third copy as she had loaned out her previous copies to friends who never returned them. Nonetheless, that never stopped her from repurchasing and re-reading the story that inspires and creates hope for love. How romantic and adorable of a bride we have!

One of the best parts about this business is that we always learn something new about traditions and customs with each wedding. Edward and Helen's wedding was a sweet and respectful blend of Cantonese meets Taiwanese traditions. Of course, Edward couldn't escape the highly anticipated and entertaining wedding door games, but he was very lucky because Helen's bridesmaids were very kind with their tasks. All that separated the bride and groom was a bedroom door to their suite at the River Rock Casino and Resort, but yet Edward had to earn and pay his way in. Beyond those doors quietly sat his stunning bride, who watched the events (or torture) unfold via the modern technology we have come to know as Face Time.

Helen made several outfit changes throughout the day and she was stunningly beautiful in every single variation. Her beauty reminded me of a graceful and delicate porcelain doll (Her cousin said she looked like Elsa from Frozen. Close enough!). She was a breathtaking vision in her magnificent qua (traditional Chinese wedding gown) adorned with countless 3-dimensional bead work, stellar craftsmanship and piercing colours. And Edward...well, he was a glowing handsome groom with a smile that couldn't be removed! 

We said it once, we'll say it again. What we love most about this business is that we get to witness the amount of joy and love shared between the bride and groom and everyone important to them. That is something that is very raw, authentic and priceless. From watching and laughing with Helen's family and bridesmaids while they prepare for door games, seeing Edward and Edward's family tirelessly work around the clock, to witnessing all the genuine smiles from the heart and roaring laughter at the Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant; you know this couple is blessed with a loving and supportive network of great family and friends. 

Congratulations, Helen and Edward! Thank you for inviting us into a brief course in your journey together.