Jackie & Tommy

As wedding film makers, we always take notice of the sweet twinkle in our couples' eyes or how their entire face lights up effortlessly whenever they talk about their significant others. It's that unmistakable evidence of sweetness that fills you when you think about the one that you love. For Jackie and Tommy, there is no denying they are absolutely the apple of each other's eyes. 

Jackie and Tommy's wedding day was one full of so much love and celebration and a classic and elegant affair that united two beautiful cultures. At the start of their day, all the girls gathered at Tommy and Jackie's home to get ready for the big event. While Jackie sat calmly in her makeup chair, sipping through a cute and appropriate "bride" cup, it was easy to see how excited she was to start the day! Meanwhile, Tommy and his groomsmen awoke to a stunning city view at the Fairmont Pacific Rim. The boys were equally as cool and collected and even enjoyed a soccer game on TV! 

Soon came the first of many special moments shared between Tommy and Jackie that day. Tommy waited patiently at the Museum of Anthropology at UBC, while Jackie pulled up in a stunning vintage car, a vehicle most fitting for our beautifully elegant bride. When Tommy and Jackie finally saw each other for the first time that day, it was as if all the world stood still and all that was important was right before their eyes. 

Towards early evening, dear friends and family gathered at the intimate backyard of the Brock House with a picturesque backdrop of the mountains and the ocean. During the beautiful golden hour of a Vancouver summer day, Jackie and Tommy exchanged their vows in a traditional Jewish ceremony. The celebration continued where family and friends joined together and took part in a Jewish circle dance, known as the Hora. Music and dancing bring the young and the old together as they know no boundaries and only serve to bring everyone closer together. It was just simply amazing to watch everyone having such a great time! Friends and family continued the evening by dining under the classically decorated reception area of the Brock House, followed by more celebrations on the dance floor. 

When we chatted with Jackie about Tommy, she asked herself, "How did I get so lucky and found Tommy?" Well Jackie, I think it is safe to assume that Tommy feels the same way. There is no denying that Tommy and Jackie are each other's priorities and everyone who knows the loving couple would agree. When a love story is created by a love so tender and strong, we can't help but feel unbelievably honoured to be a part of their day.