Nicole & Derreck

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This wedding season, we had the wonderful pleasure of filming several love stories that have stood against time and boast over 10 years of commitment. What began as simply a mutual adoration for each other in grade 8 (she thought he was a nice guy, and she captured his attention by eating a giant cookie for lunch every day) grew into a friendship, and eventually that blossomed into love by grade 12. Nicole and Derreck's relationship can only be described as a breath of fresh air, untainted and pure. The kind of love story that you get all warm and fuzzy hearing about, and their wedding day was the perfect representation of the sweet and down to earth nature of Nicole and Derreck's personalities. 

Nicole and Derreck's mornings began as drastic contrasts from each others'. While Derreck quietly got ready at his parents' home, Nicole's home was bursting (literally and figuratively) with excitement with lots of family and friends along to witness the joyous event. Nicole continuously flashed that big radiantly beautiful smile throughout her morning prep. Derreck and his groomsmen were soon halted at the door by Nicole's bridesmaids, who weren't going to let them through without some work. What followed was described by our shooters as possibly the funniest door games they have ever filmed in all our wedding seasons! Once entry was gained, Nicole and Derreck continued with a tea ceremony at the bride's house followed by another at the groom's home. 

Their wedding ceremony was held at the Botanical Garden at UBC, where guests were chauffeured through the lush gardens via a golf cart to the Amphitheatre. The Amphitheatre is a majestic and open space that literally takes your breath away. Right off the bat, the ceremony began true to Nicole and Derreck's adorableness with the bride marching down to the instrumental scores from the ever so popular Japanese animated film "My Neighbour Totoro". The handsome and polished Derreck was all smiles as he watched his beautiful bride come down the steps of the Amphitheatre. Then Nicole and Derreck delivered what I personally consider the most entertaining vows I have ever heard at a wedding. They were uniquely personalized with their own humorous flair, soft loving jabs at each other, but with the sweetest pledges to follow. Our team and the awesome photographers at Love Frankly had such a blast with their creative session around the campus afterwards. You have to love a bridal party who will pose with Pokemons (yes, people were catching Pokemons) and also be silly enough to agree to emerge from a dark tunnel as if they were being chased by some inexplicable being. It was a fun fun fun shoot! The evening later brought everyone to Continental Seafood Restaurant in Richmond. 

Nicole told Derreck that she had waited 5 years to go out with him, but in return, Derreck shared that he had waited his whole life for someone like her. They both shared that the keys to their relationships is that they have the same humour, same values and lastly, neither takes things too seriously. Perhaps that's what makes their love story so effortlessly perfect.