Something Awesome Around the Corner...


It might be a tad premature to start blogging about Judy and Kelvin's wedding day, but hey, we're getting close to revealing the highlight feature so it's perfectly understandable that we're a bit giddy. Here's another sneak peak of our prep work. This time, we have the privilege of sharing Judy's stunning dress! If you think the dress is beautiful on a hanger, wait until you see the beautiful bride! Stay tuned for our highlight feature coming soon!

4 More Sleeps Until Judy and Kelvin's Big Day!

You read it right! 4 more sleeps until our good friends, Judy and Kelvin's wedding day! We were so ecstatic and honoured when they asked us to film their special day. Judy has been our long time friend for over 10 years and we became fond of Kelvin almost immediately after we met him. They are the nicest and most easy-going individuals on their own and together, they make such an adorable couple. They are constantly poking fun at each other in a lovingly adorable way, and you can tell they put the biggest smile on each other's face and bring out the best in the other person. It makes us feel so warm and fuzzy inside to witness this love shared by our dear friends.

This past Sunday, the LoveBug team had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with the lovely hubby and wifey to-be. We filmed. We laughed. We talked. We cried...ok fine, I (Angela) cried when I heard them read aloud their love letters to each other. We asked some personal questions and we laughed some more. Just listening to them talk about each other and what they anticipate for their wedding and their future really verifies that they are marrying their best friend, the one of a kind person who makes your heart flutter like no other. That makes us even MORE excited to film their wedding in A FEW MORE DAYS!!! Can't wait!!

Sherry & Vedran


No amount of glitz or glam can compare to the essence that love creates at a wedding, and Sherry and Vedran's special day was nothing short of that. Their wedding epitomizes what the celebration of love really means. Guests flew in from all over the world, happy and sweet tears of joy were shed all day long and the love shared by Sherry, Vedran and their amazingly wonderful family and friends was undeniably present and heartwarming. The love felt throughout the day was a true testament of just how amazing Sherry and Vedran are. 

Vedran looked mighty handsome in his 3-piece tux and Sherry radiated like a goddess in her beautiful white gown adorned with a precious necklace turned bracelet passed onto her by her family. Sherry and Vedran adore each other and it was so natural for this stunning couple to be affectionate together. Plus, they had an incredibly energetic, animated and fun bridal party who was up for anything! Together, it was such a blast for us to film them! 

Some of the sweetest and most precious moments that we look forward to capturing are those between the bride and groom and their parents. Not all brides opt for a "first look" and when they do, they often reserve it for their hubby-to-be. When we asked Sherry and Vedran if they were going to have one, Sherry excitedly said, "Yes! But it won't be with Vedran. It's going to be with my dad." And with that, we knew right away we were in for a heartfelt and sweet wedding. It was a beautiful moment where Sherry said goodbye to her first love before she became united with her second love. 

It was such a blessing for us to be able to witness such pure love and appreciation. Thank you for letting us be a part of your very special day, Sherry and Vedran! 

So Excited and Just Can't Hide It? So Don't!

How lovely it was for LoveBug's first wedding-related project to film a beautiful young couple's Save-the-Date video. Young? Energetic? Sweet and genuine? All of the above! What's more? Carmen and Simon have been best friends since pre-school! Growing up, they supported each other through relationships and even helped each other shop for gifts for their boyfriends and girlfriends. It wasn't until they reached adulthood that they finally realized they were meant to be together. Now they're getting married next summer and just can't wait to share the news with their friends and family. What better way to make an announcement than to star in their very own video?!

Carmen and Simon wanted something that reflected their youthfulness and playful nature, while maintaining their sophistication. The LoveBug team had a great time exploring and shooting a variety of creative shots that portrayed different sides to Carmen and Simon. These two were also really good sports! Running through a tall grass field and getting grasshoppers caught in the layers of tulle of Carmen's dress didn't phase her one bit. It was also hard not to get a sweet tooth seeing how cute they were together. 

Thank you Carmen and Simon for giving us the pleasure to hang out with you and shoot your Save-the-date video!