Niem & Rachelle

Niem and Rachelle's love story began in high school where a beautiful and independent athlete of the year caught the eye of a sweet and charming skate boarder. As their friendship blossomed, Rachelle came to realize just how much of a gentleman Niem was, and how rare it was to find that quality in a high school boy. As their relationship grew over the next 10 years, they soon made the other person to be their best friend and soulmate. Niem shared that he knew Rachelle was the one he would marry when he went on a trip with his friends, and realized that there was a void in his heart because she wasn't there to share the experience with him. Rachelle shared that having Niem in her life is like winning the lottery because he is one in a billion. Their sweet wedding in mid June was a momentous occasion for everyone present as they joyously shared the long awaited union of two extraordinary people. 

Umbrellas went up as we quickly dashed into the Coast Hotel to start Rachelle and Niem's big day. It was a grey and wet Saturday morning with no breakage of sunshine in sight, but that didn't dampen the spirit and energy of the bridal party. You see, Niem and Rachelle's 21 people formation of a bridal party consisted of all their close friends from high school and this was an event to remember! As Rachelle was helped into her stunning lace wedding gown, Niem's sister, who was also a bridesmaid, delicately dabbed away her tears as she watched her soon-to-be sister-in-law get ready. Niem on the other hand had a rather restless night with all 10 of his groomsmen, but he looked handsome as ever in his jet black tuxedo. 

In the early afternoon, all their loved ones gathered at Hope Community Church in Surrey for the ceremony. One could easily feel the genuine love and well-wishes that everyone had for the couple. Just before the ceremony, Niem was approached from all angles and greeted by the biggest and warmest of hugs. When the procession began, Niem greeted every one of his groomsmen with a firm hug to show his appreciation for their friendships. The entire church froze in awe as Rachelle came down the aisle with her mother and grandfather, but no one was more blown away than Niem, who wept tears of joy as he watched his bride. Pastor Jeremy then delivered an absolutely entertaining, comical, but profession and respectful service, which perfectly reflected the easy-going but fun-loving nature of the bride and groom. 

Everyone was eager to celebrate as they all filed into Riverside Banquet Hall in Richmond for the evening reception. There were multiple highlights in the evening including a hot and sexy Latin dance performance by two members of the bridal party, a choreographed dance performed by the groom and the groomsmen, a surprise hip hop performance by the bride's adorable and talented younger cousins and of course, tearful, funny and heartfelt speeches galore. One of the most memorable speeches came from the bride's mom, who shared how Rachelle helped raise her younger brothers after the passing of her father. With every word that was shared that evening, you learned a little bit more about Rachelle and Niem and just how truly wonderful they are. It was without a doubt that everyone present that day had nothing but the best of wishes for them.

As Pastor Jeremy shared earlier in the ceremony, a marriage is where you choose the one with whom you will write the rest of your life story. From this moment on, you have a blank canvas and it is entirely upon your decisions as a couple to fill it with colourful adventures. Niem and Rachelle's love story is a classic and beautiful tale about two high school sweethearts who knew very early on that they had found the one that they will write their life story with. Over the past 10 years, they have already created countless portraits of perfection and we have no doubt in our minds that their journey will continue to be filled with more love and adventures because they will be doing it together. 

Rachelle and Niem, we feel so honoured to have had the pleasure to share your beautiful love story. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you both the best that life has to offer.